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Summer league registration is now ongoing,
You can register online or download the registration form and
mail it to the address listed.
Summer league is open to LEAGUE age 8-15 year olds.
If you are graduating from the program this year as a  league age 15 year old
you are still eligible to play summer ball. 
Games will be held Mon-Thurs nights.
Season is expected to start July 17th and end Aug 17th.
If you are interested please sign up asap
so we can put teams together and order uniforms. Deadline to register is June 25th

Any quesitons contact Mike Ravesi at mikeravesi@verizon.net

by posted 06/18/2017




Haley is moving on to Fenway Park to compete in the next level of the Pitch, Hit and Run competition. Haley won in Marlboro and then went to Canton and won the overall in her age category 9-10 year olds. Her scores were then compared to the 5 New England states and she scored in the top 3 to advance to the next round

Fenway Park tomorrow!!!!

by posted 06/10/2017


Thank you to all who participated in our calendar raffle! Our top sellers were

Shauna Bopp who sold 31 calendars and received a pair of Red Sox tickets
Gabriella Casto sold 25 and received a pair of Canobie Lake passes
Taryn Frazier sold 20 and received a $20 movie gift card
Jillian Korner sold 20 and received a $20 movie gift card
Ashley Ware sold 20 and received a $20 movie gift card
These prizes can be picked up at the concession stand

Congrats to our winners

5/7/17 Jennifer Mossey   $50
5/8/17 Deborah Gavin    $75
5/9/17 Grace Bleakney  $50
5/10/17 Karen Gustafson Red Sox tickets
5/11/17 Melissa Tirpak  $50
5/12/17 Andy Lucas  $100
5/13/17 Robin Corddry  $75
5/14/17 Carol Wells   $100
5/15/17 Erika Ferdinand  $50
5/16/17 N. Janet Davenport $75
5/17/17 Jake Mullen Paw Sox tickets
5/18/17 Kim Capone $50
5/19/17 Annamarie DaSilva  $75
5/20/17 Sally Seay  $50
5/21/17 Bob Coburn $100
5/22/17 Kim Dinn $50
5/23/17 Richard Smith  $50
5/24/17 Frank Rand  $75
5/25/17 Redoika Gonzalez  Red Sox tickets
5/26/17 Janna McNeil  $50
5/27/17 Cindy Kandrach $100
5/28/17 The Wards  $50
5/29/17 Janet Benson  $250
5/30/17 Evan Politis  $100
5/31/17 Joan Clark  $75
6/1/17  Natalia Chacon  $75
6/2/17 Greta Reinhold  $100
6/3/17 MaryJo Nash  $50
6/4/17  Debra Visco  Paw Sox tickets
6/5/17 Lynda Jariabko  $50
6/6/17 Elena Elliott  $75

Shauna Bopp was the winner of the $250 as her name was drawn out of all the players that sold 10 or more. Congrats Shauna!!!

If your daughter plays in the league your prize will be in the concession stand.
All others will be mailed, provided I have an address to mail it to.

Thank you for your participation

by posted 05/16/2017

2017 Homeruns @ Baldelli
4/27/17 Abby Larson hit the first home run of the new season .
It was Abby''s 11th career HR
4/29/17 Abby Larson hit her 2nd HR of the season. A solo shot
4/29/17 Sarah Orentlich hit a GRAND SLAM to help lead her team to victory
5/1/17 Diana Bibinski hit her first career home run, helping her team win! Congrats Diana
5/7/17 Abby Larson hit her 3rd homerun in as many games. Congrats Abby
5/7/17 Jackie McKinnon hit her 1st Career Homerun!! Congrats Jackie
5/7/17 Kalie Ryan also hit her 1st Career Homerun! Congrats Kalie
5/7/17 Erin Dean hit her 1st Career Homerun in her final season!! Congrats Erin
Thats 4 homeruns in the same game. Thats the record so far
5/8/17 Saige Hollenkamp hit a 3 run shot to lead her team to victory!
5/11/17 Ella Kinney hit her 1st Career Homerun! A 3 run shot! Congrats Ella
5/13 Jackie McKinnon hit her 2nd HR of the season. Another solo shot. Congrats
5/17/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her 2nd GRAND SLAM of the season. Congrats Sarah
5/21/17 Saige Hollenkamp hit a GRAND SLAM to help lead her team to victory. Congrats Saige
5/23/17 Ella Kinney hit her 2md HR of the season, a 2 run shot to win the game! Congrats Ella
5/24/17 Erin Dean hit her 2nd HR of the season. A 2 run shot in her teams win. Congrats Erin
5/24/17 Olivia Deckers hit her 1st of the season. A GRAND SLAM, helping her team win. Congrats Olivia
6/1/17 Abby Larson became the first player to hit 2 homeruns in a game. A 3 run shot and a GRAND SLAM her 4th and 5th on the season to help her team to their first win. Congrats Abby
6/2/17 Olivia Deckers hit her 2nd HR of the season a solo shot! Congrats Olivia
6/2/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her 3rd HR of the season. A towering 3 run shot! Congrats Sarah
6/3/17 Erin Dean hit a GRAND SLAM to propel her team to victory! It was Erin's 3rd of the season. Congrats Erin
6/4/17 Ashley LeConti hit her first career HR a solo shot in the Major League All Star game. Congrats Ashley!
6/4/17 Ashlee Zindle hit her first career HR a solo shot in the Major League All Star game. Congrats Ashlee!
6/4/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her 4th HR of the season, a solo shot in the Major League All Star Game. Congrats Sarah!
6/5/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her 5th HR of the season and her 3rd GRAND SLAM, a walk off to give her team the win!
Way to go Sarah!!!
6/8/17 Abby Larson hit a 2 run HR for her 6th of the season. Congrats Abby!!
6/11/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her 4th GRAND SLAM and 6th HR of the season! Looks like her and Abby are battling for the most HR's this year! Congrats Sarah
6/13/17 Sarah Orentlich is in the lead with 7 HRs as she hit a 2 run bomb tonight!! Your turn Abby
6/13/17 Jackie McKinnon hit her 3rd HR of the season, a 3 run shot in the 7th inning. Congrats Jackie
6/14/17 Sarah Orentlich hit her league leading 8th HR of the season a 2 run shot!! Congrats Sarah!
6/18/17 Ella Kinney hit a 3 run HR which proved to be the game winner as she led her team to victory in the semi finals.
6/18/17 Ella Kinney hit a 2 run HR her 4th of the season. She is the 2nd player to hit 2 HRs in a game. Congrats Ella
6/20/17 Ella Kinney hit her 5th HR of the season, a solo shot in her final game. Congrats Ella
6/21/17 Not to be outdone by her big sister Piper Kinner blasted a solo HR in the championship game. Piper's 1st of the season. Congrats Piper
6/21/17 Saige Hollenkamp hit a monster shot thru the trees in right center for her 3rd of the season. I think they are still looking for that ball!! Congrats Saige

by posted 05/01/2017


Minors and Majors FINALS
Wednesday 6pm Minors = 8pm Majors


Embroidery Unlimited will face off against Silverman Wealth at 6pm on Baldelli

In The Batters Box will face off against CMS Inc in the minor league Championship game

Come on down and cheer on your friends!!

Congrats to all teams on making the Finals and Good Luck to all

by posted 03/16/2017
Field Status
Baldelli 2 - Marlborough OPEN (6/24) 
Baldelli Field - Marlborough OPEN (6/24) 
Batting Cage/Mounds - Marlborough OPEN (6/24) 
Farrell 1 - Marlborough OPEN (6/24) 
Farrell 2 - Marlborough OPEN (6/24) 
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